Village of Inglewood

​​                                                                                                  MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING
                                                                                                 INGLEWOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
March 2, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                 6:30 PM

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairman Albert Nielsen with all members present. The Chairman announced the posting of the Open Meetings Act. It was then moved by J. Nielsen, seconded by Abrahamson and carried, to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading.

The clerk/treasurer’s report was read which included two hall rentals to Soliz and Magana. The report was approved by a motion from Goree and second by J. Nielsen.
Account balances as follows:
One keno checks - $2,607.45

Keno Checking Balance to date: $136,848.11
Flood Plain Study Fund Balance to date: $3,067.70
General Fund Checking Balance to date: $33,425.82
Street Fund Checking Balance to date: $136,707.86
Street CD Balance to date:$20,628.02
Total Street Fund: $157,335.88

REPAIR REPORTS (street/sign repairs, etc.)
-Goree Excavating put up an additional speed limit sign on the west end of Ridgeland.
-A resident reported a sign down on Cloverly between Park and Main.


-Chairman Nielsen and Clerk Barbara Shelton attended several meetings the past month most having to do with the Flood last year.
-The Dodge County Emergency Management had a training for a new software they purchased to use in the event of another disaster. Albert Nielsen, Pam Nielsen and Barbara Shelton attended and reported the software will make reporting damages to FEMA/NEMA much easier.

-Albert Nielsen and Barbara Shelton attended a meeting with FEMA to go over the damages in the Village and get updated on any additional things the Village needs to provide to FEMA.

-Albert Nielsen, Jerry Abrahamson and Barbara Shelton attended a meeting with JEO and LPNNRD to go over documents required by the Village to participate in the hazard mitigation the NRD is spearheading. The Village has submitted documentation to propose additional underground drains along Main and Boulevard Streets to help with drainage throughout the Village. The cleaning and leveling of the culverts throughout the Village was also included in the request. A backup generator was also requested by the Village through the mitigation process.

-John Nielsen attended a meeting with a JEO representative to check to see if the monitor placed on the lift station is recording as needed. John reported it seems to be up and running and gathering information at this point.

-The Chairman met with Spectrum several times at the hall to facilitate the installation the phone and internet service.

1. The State of Nebraska sent a letter showing it approved the Inglewood audit waiver request for 2019.

2. The waiver of insurance coverage that was signed by the new lawn service provider was presented by the clerk .This protects the Village against claims from the provider for injuries incurred while working for the Village.

3. The invoice for the sump pump installation was presented and the clerk told the trustees the work was completed. Payment of the bill was approved.

4. The invoice from the Fremont Department of Utilities for work on the Broad Street widening project that was presented last month was discussed. The Chairman had not been able to get an answer from the city, department of utilities or NDOT concerning this invoice. The clerk was told to hold the payment until it was determined the Village should pay this or it should be included in the NDOT Project costs.

5. The Trustees discussed purchasing laptops versus the tablets they approved at the last meeting. The clerk was instructed to use her best judgement on the purchase of five laptops for trustee use at meetings.

6. The Damage assessment for the lift station has been updated by JEO after the Village was told how it needed to be submitted at the FEMA meeting. A motion was made by Abrahamson and second from J. Nielsen for the clerk to approve the Damage Assessment in the Grants Portal.

7. A flood insurance quote was presented by the clerk for $700.00 a year for the Village hall. The trustees asked to make sure the furnace and water heater that are in the basement are covered in the quote.

8. The status of the lawsuit with S2 Refuse was updated. A meeting is scheduled with the Village attorney this month to go over options.

9. A BAS boundary study has been submitted to the US Census Bureau by the Village.


1. Ordinance 2020-020 was presented to the Trustees as prepared by David Hartmann. This is an ordinance prohibiting gambling: to require the obtaining of a permit for permitted mechanical amusement devices, to provide a penalty for violation; to repeal prior or conflicting ordinances; to permit adding to municipal cod and renumbering; and to provide for an effective date. The ordinance was approved with a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Abrahamson with all trustees voting yes.

2. Inglewood submitted a notice of Intent with NEMA for grant money that will be available for flood damage the Village had during the March 2019 flood. The items requested with the grant money were additional storm sewers installation in the Village along Main Street and along Boulevard Street. The cleaning, leveling and flow assessment of the culverts throughout the Village and a backup generator for the Village hall were also submitted.

3. JEO Consulting submitted a proposal for work to be done for the Village concerning the updating of the sewer system in the Village with Lincoln Poultry wanting to tie into the Village system and the possiblility Hidden Acres Subdivision being completed. The proposal was approved by a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Rosenbach.

1. An update from the Nebraska Energy Code was presented to the Trustees. The Chairman said it would not apply to the Village.

2. The Gini LLC 2020 liquor license was approved with a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Abrahamson.

3. A letter was received by the Village from resident Marianne Schuler. She was complaining about the run off from the Victory Marine storage buildings onto her property. The Chairman will speak with Ron Vlach and see what can be done.

4. Ka-Boomer’s Fireworks requested a permit to sell fireworks in the Village in 2020. The permit was approved with a motion from Abrahamson and second from J. Nielsen.

5. The Village received notice of changes to the keno rules and this topic was tabled until more information could be gathered to present to the Trustees.

6. Spectrum paid the yearly franchise fee to the Village of $1,587.30.

7. The Carstensen home on Main Street was brought up concerning the fact that it has been closed up since right after the flood and no one has been around. Residents are concerned about mold inside the home. The Village will try and get a hold of one of the children and see what can be done.

8. Goree asked that a letter be sent to Tom’s Shell asking them to make sure the U-haul trucks and trailers are at least 20 feet back from the street so they will not interfere in the line of site when people are trying to get out onto the highway.

PAYMENTS, BILL & REIMBURSMENTS                                                     
Albert Nielsen - chairman - meeting attendance - $150.00

Jerry Abrahamson - meeting attendance - $100.00
Greg Goree - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
John Nielsen - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00

Kathy Rosenbach - meeting attendance - $100.00

Total Board Member Payment - $550.00

Barbara Shelton - clerk - salary - $400.00
meeting attendance - $50.00
Total Clerk Payment - $450.00

Dept of Utilities (auto pay) - hall utilities at 140 Boulevard  - $266.86

CenturyLink - hall phone service - $61.77
Emanuel Printing - 135 Small Talk copies - $39.25

Fremont Tribune - legal publications - $9.38

The 5th Season - 2020 lawn service - $359.04 and sprinkler service - $115.00 - $474.04

USPS - two rolls postage stamps - $110.00

Spectrum - internet and phone installation - $150.98

John Zimmer - Cline Williamsd attorney representing  Inglewood for S2 lawsuit - $3,234.00

Big B's - copies of maps for BAS study - $8.65

Weedcope - 2020 weed control - $390.00

Erickson & Brooks - accounting servicesa - $310.00

Kim Wallin - park clean up - $25.00

Linda Betkie - one hall inspection - $20.00

Office Net - copy paper, file folders and envelopes - $112.78

Albert Nielsen - four hours Spectrum installation - $60.00



City of Fremont - 2020 library cards, two renewals, five new - $245.00

Bieker Construction - sump pump installation - $1,185.00
JEO Consulting - storm sewer improvement - 2,645.00

Greg Goree - 3 hours flood watch - $45.00

Pam Nielsen - One meeting Emergency Services - $25.00

Jerry Abrahamson - One meeting LPNNRD and four hours flood watch - $85.00

John Nielsen - One meeting With JEO for lift station - $25.00

Albert Nielsen - Five meetings - Emergency services, NEMA, FEMA, LPNNRD and Village plus 23 hours flood - $398.75

Barbara Shelton - Five meetings and 23 hour flood related duties - $460.00


Dept of Utilities - highway lights - 1157 S Broad - $160.17
Dept of Utilities - street lights - 132 Boulevard - $248.00

Goree Excavating - snow removal and salt and rock by inlet at Nitz - $810.00


GENERAL FUND - $6,272.71

KENO FUND - $5,113.75
STREET FUND - $1,218.17

Bills and reimbursements for a total of $12,604.63 were read and approved with a motion from Rosenbach and second by Goree. One invoice from the Department of Utilities for $10,594.26 was put on hold again this month.

Meeting was adjourned by motion from J. Nielsen and second by Abrahamson.

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Barbara Shelton, Clerk                                                                                                                                     Albert Nielsen, Chairman