Village of Inglewood

​​                                                                                                  MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING
                                                                                                 INGLEWOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
February 3, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                        6:30 PM

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairman Albert Nielsen with all members present. The Chairman announced the posting of the Open Meetings Act. It was then moved by J. Nielsen, seconded by Rosenbach and carried, to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading.

The clerk/treasurer’s report was read and approved by motion of Goree and second by Abrahamson. There was one hall rental and no building permits.
Account balances as follows:

No keno checks received

Keno Checking Balance to date: $135,007.69
Flood Plain Study Fund Balance to date: $3,067.70
General Fund Checking Balance to date: $36,202.08
Street Fund Checking Balance to date: $133,706.01
Street CD Balance to date:$20,628.02
Total Street Fund: $154,334.03

REPAIR REPORTS (street/sign repairs, etc.)
-Goree Excavating repaired the inlet drain between Nitz Auctions and Wooden Windmill.
-Goree suggested a reduced speed ahead sign as well as moving the speed limit sign further west on Ridgeland to help with the speeding.
-A street sign was hit by a vehicle on Main Street because of ice on the road. Goree will replace the sign when weather permits. Abrahamson asked if sand could be used to help with the ice build-up and if the beginning of Hills Farm Road could be cleared as well since it is in the Village boundaries. Goree Excavating will be notified of the requests.


-Chairman Nielsen attended two meetings, one with Steve Dodd, the Village engineer about the road repairs submitted to FEMA for flood damage and one with a group watching the possible flooding of the Platte River. 

-A meeting for direction on how to fill in the coming census documents will be held in February and all the trustees were asked if any of them would be able to attend.

-Another meeting for NEMA Hazard mitigation funds must be attended by a representative from Inglewood for the Village to stay eligible to receive funds. Several of the trustees will be able to attend this meeting.

1. Several trustees were given a USB containing footage from the tv scoping of the Village sewer system by USG

2. A disaster Interlocal agreement with Dodge County that was tabled previously was approved as Resolution 377-2020 with a motion from Abrahamson and second from Goree. This agreement protects the Village and Dodge County from liability in the event of assistance given during and emergency event.

3. 1. The Village attorney had asked for direction from the Trustees for the ordinance on gambling in the Village. The Trustees discussed the topic and asked if the attorney would make one ordinance to cover all the possible scenarios for gambling in the Village, with liquor and without liquor.

4. A waiver was provided by the Village attorney for the new lawn provider to sign protecting the Village against possible liability.

5. Spectrum is scheduled to install telephone and internet service for the Village hall.

6. The Trustees discussed purchasing tablets and a windows product for use at the meetings. A motion was made by Abrahamson and second from J. Nielsen to approve the clerk purchasing tablets at $150.00 or less and a windows product to load on the tablets.

7. The status of the lawsuit with S2 Refuse was discussed. The Village attorney, John Zimmer has answered S2s’ complaint. Mr. Zimmer will be in contact with S2 attorneys to check to see what their next step will be concerning this lawsuit. He advised the Village to hold on any FEMA claims for the charges S2 has invoiced the Village for at this point.

8. A BAS boundary study has been requested of the Village for the upcoming census. A class will be held this month with instructions on how to fill out the study. The chairman said he will be attending this class.

1. The 5th Season annual lawn treatment and sprinkler maintenance program was approved from a motion by J. Nielsen and second from Abrahamson. There is a slight decrease in the program this year.

1. Menards requested an updated authorized purchaser agreement and the trustees and clerk will be designated as authorized purchasers.

2. A notice from Dodge County stating property not currently used by Inglewood be subject to tax assessment. It was determined the Village did not have any property that is not being currently used.

3. Three FEMA Damage assessments were presented to the Trustees. The Assessment for the damages to the Village hall had been reduced by $4,700.00 because the Village did not have flood insurance making the payout only $4,895.81 and requiring the Village to obtain flood insurance before the claim will be paid. The Trustees decided to turn down the claim so flood insurance would not be needed.

The other two assessments are currently on hold for updates. One is for the street repairs and one is for the debris removal.

4. The spring cleanup date was discussed and the trustees decided to skip the cleanup day this year and look at it again next year.

5. The flood outlook for this year was discussed and the Chairman said there is no ice buildup like last year on the Platte River and the circumstances for the flood last year was a perfect storm of several natural disasters. He said from what he has heard there should be no problems on the Platte River this year unless the weather changes drastically.

PAYMENTS, BILL & REIMBURSMENTS                                                     
Albert Nielsen - chairman - meeting attendance - $150.00

Jerry Abrahamson - meeting attendance - $100.00
Greg Goree - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
John Nielsen - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00

Kathy Rosenbach - meeting attendance - $100.00

Total Board Member Payment - $550.00

Barbara Shelton - clerk - salary - $400.00
meeting attendance - $50.00
Total Clerk Payment - $450.00

Dept of Utilities (auto pay) - hall utilities at 140 Boulevard  - $220.79

CenturyLink - hall phone service - $71.77
Emanuel Printing - 135 Small Talk copies - $39.25

Fremont Tribune - legal publications - $12.32

Barbara Shelton - reimbursement for usb purchase and refund for website subscription (-40.34) - $28.12

Erickson & Brooks - 20119 financial statement and form 35k and additional info - $1,350.00

Kim Wallin - park clean up, snow removal - $145.00

Linda Betkie - one hall inspection and one hour clean up - $40.00

David Hartmann - legal services - $ 878.75

Albert Nielsen - two meetings- $50.00



Fremont Department of Utilities - moving utilities on Broad Street -$10,594.26 (CLERK DIRECTED TO HOLD THIS PAYMENT)

Goree Excavating - repair sewer inlet at Nitz -$14,990.00
JEO Consulting - lift station assessment - $1,137.50


Dept of Utilities - highway lights - 1157 S Broad - $164.03
Dept of Utilities - street lights - 132 Boulevard - $248.00

Goree Excavating - snow removal and salt - $2,950.00


GENERAL FUND - $3,836.00

KENO FUND - $26,721.76
STREET FUND - $3,362.06

Bills and reimbursements for a total of $33,919.82 were read and approved with a motion from Abrahamson and second by J. Nielsen. One invoice from the Department of Utilities for $10,594.26 was put on hold. This invoice is for work done moving the utilities for the widening of State of Nebraska Broad Street project. The Chairman will contact the state and make sure the Village should pay it. In previous discussions the NDOR had proposed all billing for the project would be done through the NDOR. The clerk was directed to hold the payment until the chairman has spoken to a NDOR representative.

Meeting was adjourned by motion from J. Nielsen and second by Rosenbach.

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Barbara Shelton, Clerk                                                                                                                                     Albert Nielsen, Chairman