Village of Inglewood

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                                                                                           MINUTES OF ANNUAL BUDGET  MEETING
                                                                                                    INGLEWOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
August 1, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      6:30 PM

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairman Albert Nielsen with John Nielsen, Greg Goree and Kathy Rosenbach present. Jerry Abrahamson was absent. The Chairman announced the posting of the Open Meetings Act. It was then moved by J. Nielsen, seconded by Rosenbach and carried, to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading.

The clerk reported one hall rentals and two building permits for July. The clerk also reported a franchise fee check from ALLO Communications was received for $44.50.

One Keno check received: $3,670.52 

Account balances as follows: 
Thru 06.30.2022
General Checking Balance $39,138.51
Keno Checking Balance $39,964.91
Street Checking Balance $634,210.71
Bond Fund Balance $44,714.72

The clerk/treasurer’s report was read and approved by a motion from Rosenbach and second from J, Nielsen.​

REPAIR REPORTS (street/sign repairs, etc.)
The radar sign on the west end of Ridgeland was hit and had to be reinstalled with concrete. The Fremont DU installed a utility pole in the center of the ditch on Park Street and it will need to be moved when the road work starts on Park Street.​

Albert and John Nielsen met with JEO Consulting and the company repairing Park Street to go over the work process. The Rural Fire Department will need to be kept in the loop so they will be able to get their vehicles out during the project. Two other improvements will be made during the project. A drain tube will be run across Park Street into the ditch on the east side to help with water accumulating at the end of the fire station drives. The ditch will also be cleaned out to help with drainage. Weise Plumbing has been contacted about putting in the relocated force main on Main Street as required by Fremont. The project should cost considerably less since it can now be directed from the Cloverly/Park Street intersection instead of several yards down Main Street which was originally discussed.

1. J. Nielsen met with Dan’s Tree Service and the dangerous branches in the park have been cut down and the tree at the Village Hall has been trimmed.

2. J. Nielsen met with a company that installs security cameras and will need to coordinate a meeting with them and the Rural Fire Station to see where the cameras can be located and installed. This meeting should be this month and J. Nielsen will report what was decided at the ne

3. Chairman Nielsen will try and reach out to the Department of Utilities to get a letter that needs to be turned into FEMA with the invoices for the pump replacements on the lift station.​

1. Erickson & Brooks sent the annual engagement letter to Inglewood to continue as the village accountants. A motion was made by J. Nielsen and second from Goree to approve Erickson & Brooks as the village accountants for 2023.

2. The annual flood insurance quote was received and it was accepted by a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Rosenbach.​

1. A resident voiced their complaints about the condition of several properties in Inglewood. The weeds are overgrown and piles of trash on burn piles that never get burned. They inquired what could be done to get property owner to address the issues. The trustees said if a formal complaint is made then a letter could be sent to the property owner and they would have so many days to correct the items being complained about that are in violation of village ordinances. The resident just would like everyone to take pride in their properties and help keep the village clean. The clerk was directed to put a note in the Small Talk about village ordinance’s concerning all these issues brought up.

2. A resident asked if the tree branches at the intersection of Main and Cloverly could be trimmed back because it is hard to see traffic when pulling out from the stop sign. The trustees discussed who was responsible for this property and trimming the trees and then decided to just contact Dan’s Tree Service to trim them back.

3. The trustees were asked about the fence codes in the village and they responded that any unusual fencing needs to be approved by the trustees but the ordinances let the property owner decide what type of fence they will use. The ordinances mostly address the placement of the fences on property lines.

4. The trustees discussed possibly finding a new engineering firm since JEO Consulting has increased their costs tremendously since the flood.

PAYMENTS, BILL & REIMBURSMENTS                                                     

Albert Nielsen - Chairman - absent - $150.00

Jerry Abrahamson - Vice Chairman - absent - $0.00

Greg Goree - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
John Nielsen - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00

Kathy Rosenbach - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
Barbara Shelton - clerk - salary - $450.00 meeting attendance - $50.00 - Total $500.00

Dept of Utilities (auto pay) - hall utilities at 140 Boulevard  - $217.21

Spectrum - monthly  internet and phone - $132.97

Emanuel Printing - Small Talk - $49.00

Fremont Tribune - legal publications - $15.06

Kim Wallin - park clean up, lawn service - $220.00

Linda Betkie - two hall inspection - 40.00

John Nielsen - two meetings - $40.00

David Hartmann - legal fees - $231.25



Dan's Tree Service - trim trees in village - $800.00


Dept of Utilities - highway lights - 1157 S Broad - $162.92

Dept of Utilities - street lights - 132 Boulevard - $248.00

Clark Boshult - engineering fees - $1,020.00


GENERAL FUND - $1,998.00

KENO FUND - $800.00

BOND FUND - $0.00
STREET FUND - $1,430.92



Goree Excavating - reinstall radar sign with concrete - $290.00


Bills and reimbursements for $4,126.41 were read and approved with a motion from Goree and second by Rosenbach. A separate street bill for an invoice from Goree Excavating for $290.00 was approved by a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Rosenbach with Goree abstaining. Total bills and reimbursements to be paid are $4,416.41.

The regular meeting was adjourned by a motion from J. Nielsen and second by Rosenbach.

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Barbara Shelton, Clerk                                                                                                                                     Albert Nielsen, Chairman