Village of Inglewood

​​                                                                                                  MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING
                                                                                                 INGLEWOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
August 3, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                          6:30 PM

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairman Albert Nielsen with all members present. The Chairman announced the posting of the Open Meetings Act. It was then moved by J. Nielsen, seconded by Rosenbach and carried, to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading.

The clerk/treasurer’s report was read which included one building permit – Caretto (925 S Main). No Keno checks were received. It was noted that keno revenue has declined because of the COVID shutdown of bars and restaurants in Fremont. The report was approved by a motion from Abrahamson and second by J. Nielsen.

Account balances as follows:
 keno checks - $2,607.45

Keno Checking Balance to date: $10,645.68
General Fund Checking Balance to date: $38,097.22
Street Fund Checking Balance to date: $17,841.44

​The Chairman called for the meeting agenda to change to accommodate Julie Ogden with JEO Consulting 1937 North Chestnut Wahoo, NE who was in attendance. The Village has hired JEO to assess the lift station and sanitary sewer line damage from the flood. JEO has finished with their study of the damage to the lift station lines and pumps from the flood and Julie was in attendance to present the findings of their study. They concluded there is damage to the pumps and they will need to be replaced. JEO recommends a slight increase the capacity of the pumps. The force main has considerable debris from the flood and will cause problems in the future. Fremont has shown that their lift station the Village was connected to on South Broad can no longer accommodate the Village lines draining into the system at that point. The flood brought out the problem that showed the pumps could not keep up with the flow during a flood. Fremont is now requiring the Village to change where it connects to its lines. This will require 22,000 sq. ft. of additional lines to be put in and changing from a 4” main to a 6” main. FEMA asked JEO to provide two estimates; one to restore the system to pre-flood condition and one addressing the additional requirements now required from Fremont. Any and all of the repairs will need to be approved by FEMA before the Village will start on the project. In the case that the claim through FEMA is denied, JEO will handle all appeals that need to be made to FEMA for reconsideration of funding. Julie has personally handled appeals with FEMA and she is confident that the projects will be funded by FEMA. JEO has been in contact with Steve Dodd, the Village engineer who is overseeing the roads project so that all the repairs can be done in the most cost effect manner in conjunction with the road repairs needed. Park Street needs immediate repairs but cannot be repaired because it will just need to be torn up again when the lift station is repaired. The use of pipe bursting was discussed and that process would make it so Park Street would not need to be torn up for the repairs needed.. The Chairman said pipe bursting may be the best avenue to take because it would be the cheaper option. Another problem is there is no fall in the sewer line on Park Street and it may need to be changed.  The State may require the Village to correct the fall during the repair process. Julie said the next step will be for a plan to be designed so all the repairs can be done at the same time so the Village will not incur additional unnecessary charges. JEO has applied for a grant for the Village that may help pay any of the costs that FEMA/NEMA does not pay. This grant will be awarded on November 30 so hopefully the Village can receive additional funding this way. JEO has found two other grants that the Village may be able to apply for that will help cover the costs of repairs to the sewer and roads. The Chairman thanked Julie and JEO for all the help they have provided to the Village throughout this process.

REPAIR REPORTS (street/sign repairs, etc.)
The signs that were down have been replaced and put back up.
Rock will be put in the hole on Park Street until it can be repaired.


-The clerk and chairman attended weekly phone meetings with FEMA and have been discouraged with the help FEMA is proposing to the Village for repairs to the lift station and the roads. The roads project is in review because FEMA is contending that the roads were in bad shape before the flood from photos they have from 2000 Google Earth. The Chairman argues every call that the roads were not in bad repair and that the floods have caused the damage that is now present. FEMA is not wanting to pay for the requirement Fremont is putting on the Village to change where the lift station drains because it was not a requirement before the flood. The Chairman argued that there was no way to know it was needed until the flood when the system could not handle the flood waters. The Village is looking into what it will need to do at this point if FEMA does not fund the relocation of the line. The Village will try and secure grants to help with the repairs needed in the event FEMA does not fund either of the projects.

- The Chairman met with Steve Dodd and received the final projections for the repairs needed on Park Street and they can now be submitted to FEMA. FEMA has opened a new project for late repairs that have been discovered on Park Street by the fire station. Steve Dodd is continuing to work on the projections for all the rest of the roads for the Village and should have them completed soon.


1. The Trustees had asked several questions about the LARM insurance, Tracy Juranek with LARM gave these explanations through an email to the questions raised.

Inglewood does not have a law enforcement agency do we still need that coverage? LARM suggest that you keep law enforcement liability for vicarious liability with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.   The Village does have an exposure because they can be brought into a lawsuit if the Sheriff is acting on behalf of the Village.  You can opt out of the coverage if you’d like…we would ask that the Board signs an opt out agreement if you decide to do that. The board voted not to opt out of this coverage.

What exactly does the errors and omissions cover? Errors and omissions is your public official’s liability.  This covers your Board and employees for wrongful acts. The board asked additional clarification on this coverage.

When Inglewood signs on for the 3 year option which is what they generally do each time, why do they need to sign a new agreement in the years contained within the three year commitment? Some of our members want that 5% discount each year, so we give them the option of signing the 3-year commitment each year to keep that discount.  Some members want to go out for bid every few years, so they sign a 3 year, then a 2 year then a 1 year then go out for bids.  If you didn’t return a resolution we would drop you down automatically to the 2-year commitment and then you would get the 4% discount that year…then the 2% discount the following year.

2. An update on the outstanding FEMA projects was given by the Chairman. No substantial movement has been made on any of the still outstanding projects. FEMA requested Inglewood to decide how they wanted to handle the remaining administrative costs associated with the flood. There are two options:
- Estimated:  This means that FEMA will calculate your management costs based off of the total obligated amount of money across all of your projects, and you can receive up to 5% of that amount
 - Actuals: This means that you will provide FEMA with documents that provide details concerning the exact cost associated with managing all meetings, call, etc. associated with this FEMA process. A motion was made by J. Nielsen and seconded by Abrahamson to accept the estimated option. The culvert repair by Nitz was obligated by FEMA for $11,422.50. The trustees voted not to pursue any funds from FEMA for the COVID-19 disaster.

3. The lawsuit between the Village and S2 Refuse will probably be proceeding to court. S2 has decided not to settle with the Village.

4. The Costco/Inglewood sanitary sewer connection agreement was discussed and the Village will be receiving a $6,000.00 payment from LPP for them to be able to connect to the system thru the Village. A question was asked, why Costco had to hook into the Village system instead of Fremont’s’. The chairman explained that would have been a considerable extra cost to them because they would have had to have their own lift station, so the best solution was to hook into Inglewood’s and use their lift station.

5. Two of the trustees’ new laptops have been sent in for repairs.

6. The Hwy 77 relinquishment agreement has been put on hold. This agreement will give ownership of Broad Street through the Village to the Village and all maintenance and repairs would then be the responsibility of the Village. The Chairman will meet with officials from Fremont and Dodge County to see how the three entities want to proceed.


1. JEO Consulting lift station assessment – covered earlier.

2. Travis and Tracie Kifer came before the board to request a non-conforming structure permit at their residence at 415 Prospect Ave. They plan on erecting a 30x30 pole building and an additional concrete pad for parking. They were informed they must keep their building set back in line with their home and make sure to have flood gates in the building. Pam Nielsen told the trustees the planning commission at an earlier meeting approved the permit for the Kifer’s and recommended that the trustees approve the request as well. J. Nielsen made a motion to allow the Kifer’s to erect a non-conforming structure on their property at 415 Prospect Ave. The motion was seconded by Goree and passed unanimously. 


1. The clerk asked for approval to purchase an updated version of Quickbooks. The cost will be $299.00.

Abrahamson made a motion to approve the purchase of 2020 Quickbooks, and the motion was seconded by J. Nielsen and passed.

2. The Chairman met with the Village accountant Kent Speicher and reported that the HWY 77 project caused the Village to have a deficient in the budget which will result in the Village having to increase their mil levy. The levy has been so low and has not been increased over the last several years and now it cannot be raised legally over a certain amount. Unfortunately that amount will not cover the expenses the Village has from the flood. The Village will have to go out and solicit financing to do any of the remaining repairs to the lift station and roads. Kent said $40,000.00 is need to start the process of getting a bond. The remaining projects total costs will be between 1.6 and 1.8 million dollars.  Once FEMA obligates the projects the village share will be around $200,000.00. The problem is the projects have be completed and paid for by the Village before FEMA will obligate the funds to the Village. When the mil levy is raised the total costs to property owners will be an increase of around $250.00 a year for every $100,000.00 of property value. The current mil levy for Inglewood is .07, the current mil levy for Fremont is 1.65. The only other option is to not do any repairs and let the systems and streets fail. No decisions or motions were made by the board but the Chairman will look into  more options and financing with the accountant.

3. Representatives of the Rural Fire Station were present to discuss using the Village internet service for the fire station. The Department has a CAT Alert system that needs a hard line internet connection to work. This system helps the department receive alerts and send required reports to the state. The department would run a line from the Village hall to the fire station underground using an outdoor rated cable. All wireless access would be password protected. A motion was made by J. Nielsen and second from Goree to approve the FRFD using the Village internet.

4. A resident commented that repairs and surveying was being done on the dike throughout Inglewood and asked what was going on. The Chairman said now that Fremont owns the dike they are trying to comply with regulations so they can eventually have the Corp of Engineers responsible for repairs in the case of another flood. The dike will probably never be certified by the Corp of Engineers but Fremont is trying to comply so repairs will be covered by the Corp of Engineers. They will be cutting trees back off the dike. They would like to cut back 15 ft. but are looking at the age and condition of all the trees to be removed. They will then build the dike up with clay and put on a dirt overcoat. Hopefully all the repairs will protect the Village from any future possible flooding.

PAYMENTS, BILL & REIMBURSMENTS                                                     

Albert Nielsen - Chairman - meeting attendance - $150.00

Jerry Abrahamson - meeting attendance - $100.00
Greg Goree - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
John Nielsen - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00

Kathy Rosenbach - meeting attendance - $100.00

Total Board Member Payment - $550.00

Barbara Shelton - clerk - salary - $400.00
meeting attendance - $50.00
Total Clerk Payment - $450.00

Dept of Utilities (auto pay) - hall utilities at 140 Boulevard  - $153.75

Emanuel Printing - Small Talk - $41.00

Fremont Tribune - legal publications - $21.34

Spectrum - monthly  internet and phone - $71.97- 2nd quarter trash service - $126.00

Kline Williams - legal fees - $1440.00

Kim Wallin - park clean up  and lawn service - $215.00

Albert Nielsen - six meetings  - $175.00

Barbara Shelton - 8 hours flood admin, reimbursement for laptop case and thumb drive - $171.83




Dept of Utilities - highway lights - 1157 S Broad - $156.29
Dept of Utilities - street lights - 132 Boulevard - $248.00

Goree Excavating - road sign repairs - %605.00


GENERAL FUND - $3,305.92

KENO FUND - $.00
STREET FUND - $1,008.17

Bills and reimbursements for a total of $4,314.09 were read and approved with a motion from J. Nielsen and second by Abrahamson.
Meeting was adjourned by motion from J. Nielsen and second by Goree.

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Barbara Shelton, Clerk                                                                                                                                     Albert Nielsen, Chairman