Village of Inglewood

​​​​​​                                                                                                  MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING
                                                                                                 INGLEWOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
July 12, 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                               6:30 PM

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairman Albert Nielsen with J. Nielsen, Rosenbach and Goree present. Abrahamson was not in attendance. The Chairman announced the posting of the Open Meetings Act. It was then moved by J. Nielsen, seconded by Rosenbach and carried, to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading.

 The clerk/treasurer’s report was read and approved by a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Rosenbach.

Account balances as follows:

First National Banko checks - $2,607.45
General Fund Checking Balance: $11,476.09

Keno Checking Balance: $5,119.99
Street Fund Checking Balance: $14,712.59

First State Bank

General Fund Checking Balance: $21,939.75

Keno Checking Balance: $5,001.01
Street Fund Checking Balance: $5,001.01

Bond Fund Chekcing Balance: $26,384.26

REPAIR REPORTS (street/sign repairs, etc.)
It was reported that Weedcope had sprayed the Village hall and park areas per their contract.
The Chairman made the suggestion that when the intersection at Ridgeland and Boulevard is finally repaired that it be with concrete and not asphalt because of all the heavy truck traffic on Ridgeland.

- The Chairman attended a meeting with First State Bank concerning the bond account and finished setting up all the paperwork.​


1. The clerk made the transfer of funds between bank accounts approved by the trustee’s at the last meeting. $5,000.00 from the street fund to the general fund to pay bills.

2. Inglewood received an award from FEMA for $8,257.97 to repair the pumps in the sanitary sewer system.

3. FEMA denied the appeal Inglewood made for the repair of the roads from flood damage saying Inglewood did not prove the damage was from the flood.

4. David Hartmann, Inglewood’s attorney sent a letter to the resident illegally keeping a horse on their property requiring them to remove the horse or pay fine

5. Goree checked with Asphalt Maintenance to look at the repairs the roads need but they can only meet during the day so Chairman Nielsen will call and meet with them this week. The intersection on Ridgeland and Boulevard and Park Street will be looked at for initial repairs.​

1. A conditional use permit was approved by the trustees for Dorothy Ploen after the Planning Commission made the recommendation to approve it. J. Nielsen made the motion to approve with a second from Goree. Ploen was asked to make sure the trucks do not block traffic on Prospect and should be directed to park on Park Street or even use the village park parking lot.

2. Roger Menn came before the board to discuss the Hidden Meadows property and his intention on going ahead with plans to put housing in the subdivision. He showed the trustees a drawing on the proposed housing that will follow FEMA flood plain guidelines. There will be 16 to 19 units, each unit between 1200-1500 square feet. The Chairman said the sewer and water issues will have to be addressed in the subdivision before anything can be approved. Menn has been in contact with Fremont to see what needs to be done. He was told all improvements will be at his expense until they are 100% compete then he can turn the responsibility over to Inglewood for the street and other utilities. He will come back once all the plans have been finalized. Olmstead and Perry out of Omaha are providing the plans. When asked about what he will do for drainage he said no additional dirt will be brought in, the current fill would be graded for proper runoff. He said he just wanted to come before the board in the spirit of cooperation and make sure his proposed plans are acceptable. The board thanked him and told him they had no concerns with his plans and looked forward to the property being finally completed.

3. JEO Consulting has asked if Inglewood wanted to proceed to let them finish the plans they had started on the lift station improvements and redirection of the sanitary sewer lines. The trustees decided to hold off on spending any more money for engineering costs at this time.LARM presented the annual insurance quote and asked the village to decide on the commitment period. The trustees chose the three year commitment which gives the largest discount on premium. The acceptance of the insurance was made by the trustees passing resolution 386-2021 with a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Goree.​

1. Goree Excavating presented an invoice for emergency clean up after a storm in June. The trustees accepted the invoice with a motion from J. Nielsen and second from Rosenbach. Goree abstained from voting on the motion that passed.

2. ARPA funding was applied for by the clerk after consulting with the chairman. This funding is from left over COVID relief funds and the village will be issued two payments of over $28,000.00.

3. The properties at 525 and 527 Boulevard have not been lived in since the flood of 2019. A concern was made that since the outside was being repaired that the inside should be inspected to make sure it was livable and not a hazard to neighbors. The clerk was directed to write letters to the property owners and ask if a representative of the Village could inspect the inside of the house to make sure they are not a health hazard.

4. The clerk was directed to write a letter to ask for the return of a Village ordinance book from a  former planning commisssion member.

PAYMENTS, BILL & REIMBURSMENTS                                                     

Albert Nielsen - Chairman - meeting attendance - $150.00

Greg Goree - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00
John Nielsen - trustee - meeting attendance - $100.00

Kathy Rosenbach - meeting attendance - $100.00

Total Board Member Payment - $450.00

Barbara Shelton - clerk - salary - $450.00
meeting attendance - $50.00
Total Clerk Payment - $500.00

Dept of Utilities (auto pay) - hall utilities at 140 Boulevard  - $96.47

Emanuel Printing - Small Talk - $42.25

Fremont Tribune - legal publications - $13.36

Spectrum - monthly  internet and phone - $117.97

Cline Williams - legal fees - $272.00

Linda Betkie - two violation - $20.00

USPS - two rolls of stamps - $110.00

Kim Wallin - lawn service and park clean up - $275.00



Dept of Utilities - highway lights - 1157 S Broad - $154.13

Dept of Utilities - street lights - 132 Boulevard - $248.00

Goree Excavating - emergency storm clean up - $1,125.00


GENERAL FUND - $1,512.05

KENO FUND - $0.00
STREET FUND - $1,527.13

Bills and reimbursements for a total of $3,039.18 were read and approved with a motion from J. Nielsen and second by Rosenbach. Goree abstained from voting for approval of the bills.

The regular meeting was adjourned by a motion from J. Nielsen and second by Goree.

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Barbara Shelton, Clerk                                                                                                                                     Albert Nielsen, Chairman