• Albert Nielsen 

  • Jerry Abrahamson
        vice chairman

  • Mark Clausen

  • Greg Goree

  • John Nielsen

  • Barbara Shelton - clerk

The Village of Inglewood holds a Board of Trustees meeting once a month on the first Monday of the month at 6:30pm at the Village Hall located at 140 Boulevard Street in Inglewood. All residents are invited to attend these meetings and bring any questions or concerns they may have to the board. The Board of Trustees are elected officials for the Village of Inglewood. They hold a 4 year term and must file as a candidate when their terms expire. The current trustees and their contact info is below:

Albert Nielsen - 402-727-4720

Jerry Abrahamson - 402-720-4565

Mark Clausen - 402-510-5935

Greg Goree - 402-306-3062

John Nielsen - 402-720-3233

Village of Inglewood